Yogi Arjun Rana

About Yogi Arjun Rana

Yogi Arjun Rana was born on Feburary 27, 2013 at New Delhi, India(the land of Yoga). His father is Yogi Ajay Rana who is an International Classical Hatha Yoga Guru & his mother Kiran Bala is also a Yoga Trainer. He is the elder son of his parents. He has one younger brother Ranvijay Rana. Yogi Arjun Rana is known as born Yogi as he started to do yoga from a very age of two years. He has great interest in Yoga since he started to understand things. He has performed Yoga on many national stages in last few years. He is also awarded by the Youngest Yoga Trainer Award by Legend Cricketer Madan Lal.  Yogi Arjun Rana is very active and love to participate in many outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Wrestling, Sketing, Ice-Sketing, Basketball, Cycling, Running etc. He performs practices Yoga almost everyday under the guidance of his father and mother. He can perform many asanas as well as Jal Neti, Shutra Neti & Baman kriyas of Yoga. He perform Yoga like a game. Apart from Yoga he is also good is studies and always very active in all the extra activities in the school. He is always the favorite student of his class teacher and other teachers in the school. Yogi Arjun Rana is also very emotional and has very kind heart. He has special space in his heart for the nature and animals. He also take care of cleanness and support the Prime Minister of India’s Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Yogi Arjun Rana also wants to become a good wrestler and ice-skeater and want to win Olympic Gold for the nation. Yogi Arjun Rana is also the loving grand son of His Grand Parents(Dada, Dadi, Nana, Nani). His goals are always high & he work hard to achieve them. May God bless him with his grace thus he can serve in his life for the humanity.
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